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Handicap racing

Started by davidreich, September 03, 2012, 01:25:42 PM

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135 jumped in a couple races yesterday at BSC. There were about 8 Thistles and a handful of other boats (snipe, J22, FS, etc). It was interesting to see how we did in Portsmouth. While the mistakes we made (mostly boat handling having new crew and not raced together before) cost us - I still do not know if we could have made up our time on the better sailed Thistles. It was a Beaufort 3 and races were only about 15 min long each. That means we might have had to give the Thistle 100 sec. Sailed only 2 of the four races. When I have the details I will share here.

Jay Harrell

I'm sure Carl would be first in line to point out that the Portsmouth formulas don't even pretend to work for races that short!  I think they look for races to be 45 minutes to 1 hour duration.

For those needing the Portsmouth number for the VX, attached is the official email from the Portsmouth guy at US Sailing with our provisional numbers. 


Agree completely. Handicap racing sucks :)......period.