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VX One in Seattle?

Started by VXOnce, August 31, 2015, 10:45:34 AM

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There is a VX One parked in the dry storage area at Shilshole in Seattle. I'm trying to locate the owner in order to learn more about the boat.

If anyone has any information, please email me via the list.



That is Jim Caputo's boat #134. The other boat in Seattle is Scott Burbank #144. I will pass the word on to them.
Contact Scott at


I saw #134 out on Lake Union here in Seattle on Tuesday, and got excited. I raced on a Viper 640 a couple of years ago, and was hoping to find someone around Seattle with a Viper to sail with. There are some vipers up in Anacortes, but that is a hike for me. When I saw the VXone out on the water, it looked like a similar design (albeit smaller), and just as fun.

I don't know how to get in touch with Jim (assuming he still owns that boat), and I saw that sburbank has sold his boat out of town, so I figured this was the next best opportunity to see what boats are here in Seattle.


I will let Jim know you have an interest.


In the end I did end up getting in touch with Jim! Thanks Kelly.