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Started by Christian H Jensen, December 02, 2017, 09:31:03 PM

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Christian H Jensen

Hey guys and dolls,

I joined the class a little over a year ago and am stunned by the total lack of activity/communication in the class. Pretty disappointing really.

Is the class just completely made up of introverts, who fear any kind of dialogue?  Or is there some super secret subgroup that really likes to keep most other class members in the dark?  Or?, or?

What the hell is going on (or not)?

I think the VX is a great boat but without some sort of class activity it will never take off as a class and leading to a slow death - not what I and (I hope) you want to see.

So what can we do to get some juices flowing?

I would suggest starting with at least having a class forum where any and all activity get put on the table so every class member at least has a chance of getting informed about what is cooking.




Do you follow the VX1 Owners private group on FB?

Christian H Jensen

Are you talking about the FB group VX ONE International Class Association?  That has 477 members, which does not indicate a closed group for owners - it will take a while before that number is reached.................

Is there some other group, which is only for members (owners and/or owners and other members)?

A class need to have some sort of forum where members can have dialogue - I thought this forum was it but it appears not. 


Hi Christian,

It's been a transition year for class management, and no doubt that we have dropped the ball on communication. Initially the class had a professional manager, but the number of boats didn't grow fast enough to generate enough dues revenue to pay him so we had to take over class duties ourselves. It took us a while to get our feet under us and we've been busy taking care of regatta scheduling, class rules and sail tags mostly. We do at least try to post things on the class website at, and it even got a facelift last year.

The Facebook group is called "VX One Owners Private Group", and perhaps it's time to bring that out of the shadows a bit. I've sent you an invitation to join. Generally, any current member of the group can vet and add anyone to the group. but it's facebook and sometimes there are snags.

I hope you will accept our apologies and hang on as we try to do better in 2018!


Is it possible to get added to that Facebook group as well?


I've sent an invite to your email address. If you signed up here with the same email you use for Facebook, it will show up as an FB Notification. If not, PM me the correct email address and I'll re-send.

Phillip Weston

I'm with Christian on this one... while I'm not even an owner yet (soon!), I think that more activity on the public forums would encourage more people to join the class.

I have a number of ideas around this and am willing to volunteer software engineering time to help make it happen once I become a class member.