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Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap

Started by Neil Semple, February 07, 2019, 10:14:55 AM

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Neil Semple

What is the Association doing to get a Portsmouth Yardstick?


More than 5 years ago the class posted this:
The Class Association has worked with US Sailing to get an official "provisional" D-PN assigned to the VX One.  These are provisional pending submission of actual race data that can be figured into the Portsmouth formula, so if you race the VX under Portsmouth, please do everything you can to get the race results submitted to US Sailing.  Contact US Sailing for official copies of these numbers if needed:

D-PN   0-1      2-3   4       5-9
77.0       78.4     75.9       75.5     75.5

I have raced my VX with the 77 handicap for 5 years and it seems reasonable.

Are you looking for an international rating?

Nathan Batchelor

In the UK we are racing off a PY of 860-870.