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2020 VX One Speed Record Challenge

Started by Nick Woviotis, October 10, 2019, 08:45:09 AM

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Nick Woviotis

2020 VX One Speed Record Challenge

The Competition:

A friendly class-wide competition to find who has the top speed in the year between the 2019 North American Championship and 2020 North American Championship.

Entry Period:

September 23, 2019 to September 10, 2020.

Rules of Entry:

The speed record attempt can be made at anytime during the Entry Period outlined above. The attempt does not have to be made during a class sanctioned event or otherwise.
The speed record attempt must be made by a boat sailed in standard configuration (ie, fractional kite, weighted keel, standard mainsail). However, since these attempts will most likely take place on windy days and top speeds will happen on the downwinds, devices to increase the righting moment are allowed provided they are used upwind only (ie. trapeze).
Top speed is to be recorded using a reputable GPS enabled device (ie. Velocitek ProStart, Vakaros Atlas, or similar). Devices that continuously drop a GPS signal or have a high GPS latency (ie, smart phones, GoPros) will not be eligible to record GPS speed. However, a secondary GPS enabled device can be used to support a claim made by a reputable primary GPS device.
Video evidence will be required upon submitting a speed record claim. Video can be captured by GoPro or similar action camera. Smartphones will meet this requirement provided they are securely mounted in order to get a full view of the attempt. Video evidence is required to support the speed record claim, and also because watching people go fast is really cool.

How to Enter:

To submit a speed record claim, the following must be included:
          a. Photo of Velocitek (or similar) Max Speed.
          b. Video footage where max speed took place.
          c. GPS track where max speed took place.
          d. Optional: Secondary GPS track to support claim.
              (This and the video requirement can be meet with the GoPro Hero 7 & 8 with Telemetry enabled.)
The official entry site will be on the Official Class Forums in a thread titled "2020 VX One Speed Record Challenge" (this forum). This way, even competitors that do not use Facebook are able to enter. A secondary posting site will be the VX One Private Owners group. This way, media and attempts can be shared! We encourage all entrants to use both sites to enter their attempts. However, official entries are only accepted on this forum.


Prizes will be awarded to the winner during the 2020 North American Championship.
Contents of said prize will be announced at a later date.
Winner must be present to collect prize, unless a digital prize is awarded.