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Raptor / Soft Deck Options

Started by Scotty Roland, October 18, 2021, 12:27:14 PM

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Scotty Roland

Thinking about adding a soft deck to my VX. I know that Raptor makes a VX kit. Does anyone know if any of the other soft deck manufacturers have a VX pattern? I'm just trying to weigh my options.

Paul Murphy Annapolis

Hello Scotty,

Hope all is well.   SeaDek is the way to go. Far more durable than Raptor Deck.  Ian Maccini can send you a kit. Super, super simple to put one.  Most difficult decision, by far, is you selecting your two colors. We all use two layers of 3mm. Your crew's knees  will be so fricking happy.  Ian Maccini & Hayden can ship to you. Will take less three hours, closer to two hours.    Hey, hey, Saturday, October 30 is one-day Fall Brawl. Have Dave Meiser sail w you.   Johhny Meiser has a Mac-daddy home just a tick up the severn river.   

Nationally the fleet is rocking. Nearly 40 boats for winter circuit, 35 to 38 at May 1st Charleston.