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333 Ovington for sale - SOLD

Started by Brosafari, August 15, 2023, 08:07:59 PM

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Vx One # 333 for sale.

2021 Ovington VX with CST spars available. Package includes custom Sea Deck, North M8, J8, S2, Harken top cover, Mackay Alu road trailer w/ spare.

Boat is fast, water tight and on-20230813_170205.jpg20230813_162233.jpg 20230813_162239.jpg20230813_162224.jpg    weight with top end Marlow rigging.

Asking $46,900 CAD + applicable tax.
Can also sell ex sails or add other options like bottom cover, mast cover, jib sock, etc.

Please contact Trevor Parekh, 5149441705 or